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At Advanced Strategic Partners, we value our clients. Hear what our clients have to say about our proven track record.

“We have worked with Melissa and ASP on our lab stewardship program and as a result of working with her, the cost savings and results have been invaluable!”

- Dr. Heather Signorelli, COO-CMO

“Working with Melissa and ASP has been one of the best decisions our lab could have ever made. Her connections, industry knowledge and ability to execute has been invaluable."

-Diego Sanchez

Innovative Gx

“I can attest that Melissa’s strategies discussed in her book, The End Game, will help lab owners maximize their valuation.” 

- Davian Santana

 CEO, Vista Clinical Diagnostics

“I had the pleasure of working with Melissa and ASP as the CEO of Nationwide Laboratory when we decided to exit. Having Melissa as our broker proved to be the best decision we could have ever made. We more than tripled the value in the market based on what other brokers had attempted to sell us for. Having industry experts with a proven track record is THE KEY to maximizing value!”

- Dean Morris

“Brilliant and well-written book! While the lab industry continues to consolidate, Melissa and her team ensure that the reader stays ahead of the curve.”

- Dr. Gary Winfield

The team at ASP was very thorough and used a proven 6 step M&A process that accomplished a successful Exit for what we were looking to achieve. Melissa and Dan were always available to explain various parts of what can be a "detailed and challenging process." We would highly recommend using ASP as your "go to lab M&A team" for all of your M&A laboratory needs.

- Dr. Josh Gapp

Lab Worker

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