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Maximize the Value of Your Lab

Discover the strategies and tactics to maximize the value of your laboratory as you prepare to sell.


Melissa Butterworth explains the process, as she teaches you how to become far wealthier than you could have ever dreamed. Don’t leave money on the table. This skilled M&A executive takes you through these decision-making steps:

The Evolution of the Laboratory Industry and Its Continued Consolidation

The Six Key Steps of the M&A Process

Preparing Your Laboratory to Be Sold

Creating the Perfect Dream Team of Advisors

Determining the Valuation and the Deal Structure

How to Market Your Business

The Letter of Intent and the Due Diligence Process–Explained

The Definitive Purchase Agreement, Tax Structure, Earn-outs, and the Close

89 Key Takeaways to Maximize Your Laboratory’s Value


Download Charts & Graphs from The End Game

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